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'Bhaagyada Balegaara': Outdated tearjerker!

The successful trio of actor Shivarajkumar, director Saiprakash and scriptwriter Ajay Kumar, who has made some successful tearjerkers such as 'Thavarige Baa Thangi' and 'Thavarina Siri', is back with 'Bhaagyada Balegaara'.

'Bhaagyada Balegaara': Outdated tearjerker!

Movie Review

It seems, they have succeeded in churning out another hit: the film has more than enough to make the audience reach for their handkerchiefs!

The story of 'Bhagyada Balegaara' revolves around a bangle seller Kenchaiah (Shivarajkumr) and his love for Gowri (Navya Nair). Kenchaiah sees Gowri at a wedding and falls in love with her. The rest of the story is about whether their love affair comes to a happy end or not.

Shivarajkumar lives his role as a bangle seller. He carries off his role with the ease typical of him. His fans would be very happy to see the star at his best in the film. So is the case with Navya Nair. The highlight of the movie is some beautiful numbers scored by veteran Ilayaraja. Though there was much hype about Shivarajkumar's yesteryear heroines such as Anu Prabhakar and Sudharani appearing in the film, their presence is limited to a few songs.

The film has nothing to do with the times we live in. In fact, the plot reminds one of some films made in the '50s.


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