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'Yaaradhu': An intriguing thriller

Though the title reminds one of a 'B' grade suspense film with lots of skin show, 'Yaaradhu' succeeds in keeping the viewer hooked on till the end. Debutant Srinivas Kaushik's tight screenplay and direction have made all the difference.

'Yaaradhu': An intriguing thriller

Movie Review

'Yaaradhu' is a typical suspense thriller. But, what makes the film different is the neat presentation and its fast pace.

The story of 'Yaaradhu' goes like this. Four students mysteriously disappear one after other in three days at a lodge in the forest run by an old lady (Leelavathi). Investigating officer Prathap (Vinodraj) comes to the lodge to investigate the incident. What happens next and the terrific climax is seen to be experienced.

'Yaaradhu' is not only a writer's film but technically well made also. Nagesh Acharya's cinematography stands out. Akhil's background score is very impressive.

The film has a couple of good performances, particularly from the lead artistes. Leelavathi is energetic and looks at ease with her role. Vinodraj delivers a cool performance. Newcomers Suman, Pavan, Abhi, Manju and Nihal have given some fine performances.

Heroine Ashwini has nothing much to do in this film.


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