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Review: 'Nam Areali Ondhina'

'Nam Areali Ondhina' is whiff of fresh air!

'Nam Areali Ondhina'

'Nam Areali Ondhina' comes across as a whiff of fresh air for the Kannada film industry, which has been reeling under the effect of a series of debacles this year.

Debutant director, Arvind Kaushik, comes with the experience of acting and direction in television serials. The trailers of the film had created a lot of curiosity among the viewers and the film rightly lives up to the expectations. Despite problems with its release, the film manages to woo the audiences with its novel presentation and stunning visuals. Kaushik's treatment of the script and the way he has made the new artists act is surely commendable.

The film gets you hooked on to the screen from the very second the opening credits start rolling.

Though 'Nam Areali Ondhina' is a visual treat, it disappoints on the editing front. The continuity of the proceedings is lost in the second half when the director introduces many unnecessary sequences, like the "Kanyamani" song featuring Mandya Ramesh. The song, although hummable, is oddly placed in the film. Moreover, some of the action sequences in the second half are painfully lengthy. A little bit of trimming here and there and it would have been a far more effective film.

Although the story has nothing new to offer, it's the fresh treatment and the raw portrayal of a love story that works for it. The characters look real and sink so deep into your system.

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