Fri, 01 Oct 2010 11:43:12 GMT

'Endhiran': The Big Daddy of Entertainers!

'Endhiran', directed by Shankar, is a Rajnikanth Express that transports you to a world you can't envision.

Review of Endhiran


Rajnikanth's feats are legendary by now. In 'Endhiran', he goes a step further. The Robot in 'Endhiran' not only follows orders of his creator, but also cooks, fights, romances and wonder of wonders, has a lengthy conversation with a mosquito and scan loads of books/magazines and an entire telephone directory in a second. Yes, you read it right!

That's not all, this Robot is Superman + Spiderman + Terminator + Godzilla, all rolled into one. There's more to this Robot. It can replicate itself, wage a vicious battle, turn into an Anaconda or a monster ball and wipe off an entire army. Whew! Known for larger than life canvas, 'Endhiran' is Shankar's most expensive and if we may say so, his most imaginative film thus far. And who better than Rajnikanth for the pivotal role!

Final word? A Rajnikanth film is an event and this combo's [Shankar - Rajnikanth] new outing 'Endhiran' is sure to strike like Tsunami. Let us make it short-n-sweet. If you miss 'Endhiran', it's YOUR loss!

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