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Upendra excels as actor and director in 'Super'

'Super' was a much anticipated film as Kannada superstar Upendra returns to direction after a gap of 10 years. So does he meet the expectations of film buffs? The answer is a resounding yes.

Upendra excels as actor and director in 'Super'


'Super', however, has a utopian concept, and the story doesn't seem serious enough. In the beginning, you have sequences of a hugely rich India where one sees foreigners working as taxi drivers, even forcing and begging Indian tourists to book their taxis.

One is also shown rich Indians having foreigners do their household chores... And then the story shifts to the present contemporary times where the country is beset with problems of poverty, corruption and scandals.

This film certainly calls for a serious debate on the responsibilities of citizens and how greedy politicians have plundered the wealth and resources of the country.

The film will make you sit and take notice of some of the aberrations that are seen in the country.

It is Upendra, the director, who overshadows Upendra, the actor, in the film in every aspect. The director keeps the audience fully engaged through the film.

The movie has enough of the entertainment quotient too. Upendra has kept in mind the mannerisms and the distinct dialogue delivery that made him the big star he is. All these elements have been included in 'Super' but at the same time, the director has shown a lot of maturity in his narration.

The first half, however, has some dull moments, particularly in the sequences that are shot in London. The comedy scenes featuring Sadhu and Telugu actor Ali also do not work well.

The story revolves around Subhash Chandra Gandhi, son of a big India-born industrialist settled in Britain. But Gandhi has lot of reverence for Indian traditions and culture and is emotionally attached to everything Indian. He takes a strong liking to traditional-minded Indira, a folk dancer who has come to London for a stage show.

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