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Stylishly made 'Teen Maar' entertains

Pawan Kalyan returns with a bang.

Stylishly made 'Teen Maar' entertains


Pawan had a sensational beginning in the Telugu film industry with several hits, but his career saw a dip recently because of the mediocre films he featured in. Now, with a film like 'Teen Maar', a remake of Saif Ali Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer Bollywood hit 'Love Aaj Kal', the actor makes an impressive comeback, though some of his fans may not like urban and chic presentation. Most of the sequences have been shot abroad.

Except for his film 'Jalsa', directed by Trivikram Sreenivas, which concentrated more on comedy and love elements, many of his films, including the much-awaited 'Komarum Puli', turned out to be box office disasters.

But the stylish actor, who is also one of the most popular in the Orkut community, makes a mark with the soft romance saga. Though the title seems unsuitable for this stylish made film, 'Teen Maar' is an enjoyable watch.

The highlight of the film is certainly Pawan's top notch performance and Trivikram's dialogues. Pawan's signature style dialogue delivery suits the film's tempo.

The film's weak point is its second half - except for the final encore, rest of it drags. Jayanth Paranji has made some changes in the original script and it looks like forced addition. The narration often drags, but thanks to the energy of leading stars, the film maintains continuity and engages audience.

'Teen Maar' has two different stories spread over three decades. one is a tender and soft love, other is contemporary with confused lovers unable to decide on their future.

Michael Velayudhan, a chef, lives in Cape Town and falls in love with Meera Shastri. But Michael, a compulsive flirt, is indecisive about his relationship Meera who wants to return to India. Finally, Michael decides to end their relationship.

While Michael becomes friendly with another local girl, back home Meera gets closer to a local politician.

With the main track, another parallel story that took place three decades ago in Varanasi runs and focuses on Arjun Palawai who is ready to do to any length for the sake of his love. The film ends on a happy note.

Pawan is lively in both roles. He has also taken efforts to dance well to the tunes of Mani Sharma. Surprisingly, his on-screen chemistry with Trisha works brilliantly for the film. For the first time, there is a lip-locking with Trisha. Shot aesthetically, it looks natural part of the story.

Trisha adds grace and charm to her character.

Bangalore girl Kriti Kharbanda in the parallel story looks quite natural. Ali is seen in a miniscule comedy role. Sonu Sood, Mukesh Rishi, Paresh Rawal are apt choices for their roles.

'Teen Maar' is worth a watch. Pawan Kalyan's urban fans may like it much better.

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