Tamil Actress of the Decade

The Tamil film industry, like cinema elsewhere in the world, is a male bastion. Old and weary they might be, but men get away with almost anything. The 60-year-old superstar can romance a 17-year-old newcomer, while his first-ever female lead would have graduated to play his mother.

Hollywood can take credit for stars like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie, who could shoulder movies on their own and mark global hits. Bollywood can revel in the likes of Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi, who had cult fan following. But it is for the Tamil industry alone that female stars can command the status of 'goddesses' - literally.

Amidst the cacophonous heroes and villains, some actresses do leave a mark - endearing themselves with power-packed performances or simply by being an effective prop and perfect foil to the antics of the heroes.

Here are the top 10 Tamil actresses of the decade. Choose your favourite. Vote Now!

Source: Rajeev Nair/ India Syndicate