Bollywood: The Baap-Beta Raj!

Love it or Hate it, but Indian Cinema has always played a fawning host to dynastic pageantries. The sustenance and propagation of tinsel town dynasties is astonishingly similar to that of the Indian Royalty of Yore. The paraphernalia too is surprisingly similar. Film stars have been consecrated. "Dargas" have been built in their names. We have "Darshans". We have "Durbars". And Fans have replaced Legions.

'Baap-Beta' Raj has been a norm in Indian Cinema ever since its genesis. So much so that every second name in Bollywood denotes a movie clan and the grandeur thereof. Here's a parade of Bollywood's famous Fathers and their issues. "Bade Baap Ka Beta" or "Bade Bete Ka Baap"- depends on which side of the screen you are seated!

Images: Bollywood Hungama, Movietalkies

Source: India Syndicate