Star Wars
Tue, 19 Jul 2011 14:44:35 GMT | By Rajeev Nair/Divya Khanna, India Syndicate
Star Wars: Aishwarya Rai vs. Katrina Kaif


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The gullible, suffering, lost lover-housewife is what suits Aishwarya the most - and that is as far as she can get. Challenge her with a demanding role and all you get are pouts, lost looks, and eyes filled with pent-up frustration.

Katrina's best bet could have been 'Rajneeti,' and she proved that there is only one she can be trusted with - which means, being the beautiful prop for heroes to romance, dance with and generally goof around.

In all fairness, at least Aishwariya's Hindi accent is bearable, compared to the British-born-confused-Desi sound of Katrina Kaif.


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