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Updated: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 06:45:00 GMT | By Rajeev Nair, India Syndicate
Star Wars: Shah Rukh Khan vs. Salman Khan

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'Biwi Ho To Aisi' is not exactly the movie that Salman Khan might want to known for as his debut. It wasn't an extended on-screen appearance but the young Salman took the nation by storm with 'Maine Pyar Kiya.' Which girl wouldn't have given her heart on a platter for the man, who sings, dances and dies for love? Chweeeet Sallu, the legend was born.

Shah Rukh Khan was destined to be loved the moment he appeared on our home-screens in the television series 'Fauji.' Fresh from theatre school, Shah Rukh's dimpled smile and effortless on-screen presence endeared him to family audiences, a success he repeated with 'Circus' - another TV series. His first film, made for television, was 'In Which Annie Gives It To Those Ones,' scripted by Arundhati Roy.

The big-screen adventure, however, began with a box-office hit, 'Deewana,' not anywhere on the league of 'Maine Pyar Kiya,' but good enough to earn Shah Rukh a place in Bollywood.


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