Spinal Cord


'Spinal Cord' narrates the story of a murder and its tragic consequences in a township.

27 years after the incident the victim's mother wakes up from a haunting nightmare with unpleasant memories of her son.

When the newlywed Angela and Kunjavaran retire to their wedding night, Kunjavaran discovers that his new wife is no virgin. Shocked and angry, he returns Angela to her family home that very night. Her humiliated brother beats her savagely and demands to know her violator, who she names Nasar.

As Nasar wakes to thoughts of the previous nights wedding revelry, he is unaware of the slurs that have been cast against him. But with Angela's brother bend on avenging their family honor, the whole town is abuzz as they know who he plans to kill, where and when.

Through the faded memories of the 80 year old mother, we start to know the tragic story of her son and the entire consequences of that honor killing. The play develops through the narration of the mother which often oscillates between past and present.