White Lily & Night Rider


The electronic revolution must have minimized everything down to a tiny mobile text message. But is this a boon or a curse?

The internet chat service has made it possible for people to literally chat with each other across continents, leave alone cities. Is this good or bad?

Though communication is getting revolutionized, Have we, the humans, lost "Communication" in its true sense?
We may "talk" but we hardly "listen". We may chat through internet, speak over phone, send mails, reminders, wishes but we hardly "communicate"

Do we really "Express?" At any point of time do we sit holding hands compassionately? Look into the eyes of each other & express what we really want to communicate?

"White Lily & Night Rider" is the contemporary play - a black comedy - of a man & a woman in their 40's. They are very close Chat Friends involved even in erotic chat. At one point of time they desperately want to meet each other to transform that virtual reality into reality and may take the decision of marriage.

But when they meet person to person the showdown begins. Any known system of man - woman relationship is unacceptable to them. Neither can they accept the "Sanskars" of the previous generation, nor can they adjust to the thinking of the new generation! For them marriage as an institution is outdated and live-in relationship is unthinkable!!

The play raises innumerable questions and confusions about the fundamentals of the relationship & companionship. Does this confusion end with self realization? Are they afraid of reality? Has the virtual reality become more comfortable?