Guti Phulor Gamusa

Producer: UTSA

Director: Bidyawati Phukan

Language: Assamese

Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


Subha an accomplished Dhulia (traditional Assamese Dhol- player/ drummer) is in love with Ghunusa, his teacher's daughter, who is exceptionally gifted. The villagers, battling a drought, arrange a ritualistic marriage of frogs to invoke rain; but it pours only when Ghunusa breaks into a dance. Damodar, Shubha's brother, is also besotted by Ghunusa and asks for her hand. Ghunusa's brother, Gambhir, unhappy with the proposition, proposes that Ghunusa marry the man whose buffalo emerges winner in the buffalo fight. Shubha's buffalo wins; Ghunusa confesses her love for Shubha; Putuli, Damudar's neglected wife is invited into the fold, as the community joyously celebrates the renewal of life.