A-Chik A-Song

Producer: Dapon The Mirror

Director: Pabitra Rabha

Language: Garo

Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

The Play A-Chik A-Song is based on the socio- political history of the Garo Hills during 1870-1872 with special reference to the glorious first and the last arms struggle of the Garoes against the British.

It starts with the traditional, cultural and social activities, rituals and beliefs of the remote hilly Garo village. But when the British gradually entered into the interior of the Garo Village, about fifty Garo independent villagers revolted against the British Policy of Invasion.

The hero of the episode was Toggan Nigminza, a glamorous youth of the entire region who organized, and trained a group of Garo Youth. They attacked the British camp and fought for freedom of Garo Hills. Toggan sacrificed his life for the cause of the freedom of his motherland. The Garoes still remember him with great honor as the First National Hero and the martyr of the Garoes.