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'Bigg Boss’ is an institute: first evictee Dinesh Yadav

Bhojpuri film superstar Dinesh Yadav became the first contestant to be voted out of reality show ‘Bigg Boss 6’ on Friday night.

'Bigg Boss’ is an institute: first evictee Dinesh Yadav (© Colors)

He had never swept the floor, cleaned a toilet or washed utensils, but six days in ‘Bigg Boss 6’ have taught him all these household chores. Yadav says the reality show is an "institute", which proves how "no work or no person is small".

"It was a small, but very nice experience in the 'Bigg Boss' house. All those things that I couldn't learn till the age of 30, I have learnt here - cleaning the toilet, cleaning the garden, sweeping the floor, washing utensils... I had never done it," Dinesh told IANS from Lonavala.

"I had heard that there is no person or work in the world which is small. Now I actually know it. So I consider 'Bigg Boss' to be an institute, as I have learnt important things in life," he said.

Dinesh, also popularly known as Nirahua, says that he has realized the importance of being able to do all kinds of household chores.

"A star is not always a star. People believe that film stars can't do small, menial jobs. But this show gave me a chance to do that, and do it in front of so many people," he added.

In his short stay, he maintained a low profile amongst 14 other contestants. He remained quiet and composed most of the times and kept to himself, observing others.

Yadav says he knew he would be evicted soon.  He was nominated for eviction along with controversial cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, model Karishma Kotak and celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani.

"I felt I would come out, simply because I know I can't mix too well with people. Playing bubbly characters in film is different. In real life, it is my shortcoming that I can't mingle with people soon. But that's how I am," the actor said.

Hardly a week has passed  and the fights have already begun. Fights are inevitable, he says.

"Someone would hate someone's laugh, another w¬¬ould be bugged if someone cries... so these fights are inevitable," he said, assuring that since the show is aimed at family audiences this time, one would not see any abuses,” he said.

"There are a lot of experienced, smart and intelligent people in the house. I am sure there will be a lot of situations where people will fight, because with so many people inside, and all of them with different views, they are bound to have a clash,” Yadav added.

He was seen as a keen listener, even while he actively participated in a water tank task assigned by the Bigg Boss.

For now, Dinesh is only waiting to get back to his world of Bhojpuri cinema.

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