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'Jhoome Jiiya Re' relaunch next week!

'Jhoome Jiya Re', is being re-launched on Zee TV from September 8. The DJ’s creative unit production casts Preeti Amin, Karan Pantaki, Ajay Balhara and Gauri Tonk.

'Jhoome Jiiya Re' relaunch next week!

Commenting on the re-launch of the show on Zee TV, Mr. Ajay Bhalwankar, Zee TV Programming Head, said, “'Jhoomein Jiya Re' is a story of an ordinary girl who fights the circumstances to prove herself in the society. Such subjects are inspirational for our audiences and also hold a social message. We had launched this show on Zee but over a period realized that this theme is more of a Zee TV genre and hence decided to re-launch the show on Zee TV.”

Adding further he said, “We had planned to launch the show in the afternoon slot with 'Rakhi' and 'Saath Saath'. Viewers who missed the show on Zee, now has a chance to catch up with the show from the very first episode".

About the show:

'Jhoome Jiya Re' revolves around a girl who tries to prove herself in spite of repeated failures. Jiiya lives for her family and thinks that her pasion for life is dance. And so, with a little bit of support from her partner in crime, her grandmother, she gets herself an audition form for the dance academy RAD.

A sneak-peek into the characters of the show:

Jia’s father: Jia is very scared of her father who calls her dabboo. He is very worried of all that she does and has no confidence in her.

Jia’s 'dadi': She has been a dancer and is a spunky old woman who defies the rules laid down by her son at home. She is very fond of Jia and hates everyone calling her dabboo. She wants her grand- daughter to dream and aspire to be a dancer as she is convinced that Jia can dance very well. She helps her in getting into RAD - a dance academy.

Jia’s mom: Typical Punjabi housewife who is always worried that nobody will marry Jia, if she does not pass her graduation exams. She is very scared of her husband and has no confidence in Jia.

Jia’s sister: Sharp, naughty and, blackmails Dadi and Jia for secretly watching TV and going for dance rehersals at friends places. Always has her piggy bank handy for money to keep her mouth shut.

RAD: An academy of dance where Jia doesn’t qualify in auditions but manages to find a job as secretary.

Apoorva: The man Jiya danced with in discotheque once. He thought this girl had a lot of potential in her but fails to recognise her at RAD. He eventually falls in love with Jia because of her dance-talent.

Barkha: Apoorva’s friend who really helps Jia get the job at RAD. Helps her in coping up with the snooty people and her tough sister Kiran, who is RAD’s principal.

Rohan: Star choreographer who has been roped in by RAD to bring back the lost prestige and glory to the academy and to raise funds for the shows. Later in the story, he finds Jia talented and grooms her.

Rashmi and Samar: Two other students at RAD. All hang around with Apoorva and Barkha and are quite snooty towards Jia. Samar even pretends to like Jia for a while and she does fall for him.

'Jhoome Jiiya Re' on Zee TV, Monday to Friday at 2:30 pm.

Source: Tellywatch

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