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Here come 'Tony B', the latest from the house of Channel V

When we were invited to the press conference of their new show 'Tony B', we thought, 'So what's new… Yet another talk show with the Bollywood flavour", little realizing that it's Channel V that we are talking about.

Here come 'Tony B', the latest from the house of Channel V

At the conference held at the wacky Channel V studio, VJ Juhi and singer Shibani Kashyap took the stage to answer a barrage of questions posed by the media.

We caught up with 'Tony B' for an exclusive tete a tete...

Q: Which celebrities have you interviewed and who is the most intelligent amongst them…

A. Oh, I have interviewed many celebrities such as Shehnaz Hussain, Rohit Bal and Sayeed Naqvi. Shankar Mahadevan, because he spoke about his Shakti group and said Shakti Kapoor was at the helm of the group and that he and Zakir Hussain were mere artistes, whilst Shakti Kapoor danced to their tune. Shehnaz Hussain and I exchanged notes on creams for breast enhancement and lesbian creams and she wanted to know the secret for my thick lustrous hair.

Q: Why Tony B?

A. Tony B came from the West Indies. He is a Jamaican man...and he came in my dreams and I adopted his name. And the B stands for 'Buzzan' and please don't laugh at my sir name.

Q: Research for me…

A. Google, Altavista, MSN…I salute technology and if the guys up there are listening to this, I am open to accepting offers from you.

Q: I am wearing YSL glasses.

A. Yes. I am conscious about my look. It is very important to make a statement with the celebrities. And, I want to intimidate my celebrities. An expert team who knows exactly what is the 'in look' of the season designs my look. I give my make up man exactly 5 minutes because I have the look and he just needs to touch up a bit here and there.

And along with my 'hunky look' I am blessed with the brains. If the women are listening to this, I am right here waiting for them. I have the looks and brains to match them too. I am the ideal package.

Q:  Have you done this before?

A. No. This is my debut. I have a fantastic team who are as intelligent as I am and together we make a great team.

And we caught up songstress Shibani to know how she felt to be under Tony B's scanner.

"I was in a generous mood that particular day. The production unit called me up and said they wanted to interview me. They didn't say that they would be on Channel V. So I sat there whilst they set up their unit, which took an hour and a half, and finally when it was ready, the first question took me off balance. I had no clue how to answer and when I asked them who the director was, everyone thought I was speaking an ancient Egyptian language. I took pity on them, thinking they are a new production unit and gave them some leeway. But matters turned for the worst, when after a song performance; there was no applause of any sorts. I was shocked. It's courtesy. And then the questions started – weird questions like none ever heard before."

'Tony B' is an experience. I can laugh over it now, but when you are faced with the questions, it would put the fear of god in you because you are staring at the camera without a clue on how to answer. He's mad, wacky and he's a riot to watch!

And when we got to know the man behind 'Tony B', we were shocked. He is none other than Aniruddha Bahal, founder and editor in chief of and co-founder and former CEO of, who exposed match fixing in international cricket.

'Tony B', Channel V on 19th September @ 7.00 p.m

Source: Meenakshi Shankar/Tellywatch

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