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I am not quitting 'Kasamh Se': Prachi Desai

She has bagged her first film, 'Rock On'. On her way to stardom, Prachi has had to make some sacrifices. And the biggest is having to quit her serials…atleast until she completes 'Rock On'. The news that has made headlines is that Prachi has quit her mentor Ekta Kapoor’s serial. It was a visibly upset Prachi who spoke about her future plans.

Prachi Desai

Prachi Desai who became popular and an instant hit overnight with her onscreen character in 'Kasamh Se' is upset and shocked about the rumours of her quitting the serial. Prachi is all set to start shooting for her debut in Bollywood opposite Farhan Akhtar. Bound by the film contract the damsel cannot make television appearances during the release and promotion of the movie, so she has to stop appearing on 'Kasamh Se' as well.

“I am not leaving the show but just taking a break. I will come back. I am really upset about the rumours about me quitting the show as they are utter rubbish and nothing else. There is no question of me leaving 'Kasamh Se' as whatever I am today it is because of this serial. I have given two years to the character Bani and the serial,” Prachi explains.

Prachi at present is working hard to create a bank of episodes before she gets busy with shooting for the film and also gets bound by the contract. Prachi says, “I have created a bank of episodes for the month of February and now I am trying to create a bank for the month of March. I hope that I can create a bank of episodes that would be for the month of May.”

Prachi who has to abide by the contract feels that she will get some clemency in the contract from both Balaji and Farhan. Prachi says, “Farhan and the other actors have already started shooting the parts of the film that doesn’t require me. I gave them dates in February so that I can give my time to 'Kasamh Se'. I can’t ask for more. Balaji has been kind enough to me as they became a little flexible and allowed me to give time to the movie. I have to be loyal both to Balaji and Farhan.”

Prachi’s mother too feels that the media has come out a little too harsh on her daughter and argues that Prachi has been misquoted. “Prachi cannot leave 'Kasamh Se'. She owes her popularity to the serial. We are just hoping that Farhan allows her time to shoot for the serial. Everyone has his conditions and you can’t ask every now and then to change their clauses as per your convenience. Farhan is such a good director and this is his debut as a hero too, so Prachi could not have expected a better offer than this,” says Mrs. Desai.

As to who would be Prachi’s replacement on 'Kasamh se' Mrs. Desai reveals, “We don’t know anything about the replacement. Even Balaji has not thought about it so far. Even if there will be any replacement that would be temporary as it happened in the case of Sakshi Tanwar in 'Kahanii Ghar Ghar Kii'. Prachi will surely come back on the show. It would be very difficult for the girl who will replace Prachi as Bani to live up to the expectations (if there is any replacement). I don’t think there would be any replacement as Prachi would come back on the show. They would just make some alterations in the script.”

But Suraj Rao, Creative head of 'Kasamh Se' says, "We are searching for a replacement for Prachi and the girl is expected to be a part of the serial for a month." Suraj feels that with Prachi exiting 'Kasamh Se' it would not affect the popularity of the show. He says, "I don't think it would affect the show as Bani is a very strong character and we will work on the girl who will replace Prachi Desai."

Talking about her character in the movie Prachi feels that her character in the movie is what she is in real life. Prachi reveals, “My character is that of a very positive girl. It resembles Bani from 'Kasamh Se' or I must say it is more like Prachi Desai in real life. The character is very innocent, positive and simple. It is not like that of Bipasha and Priyanka, it is very sweet and simple.”

Isn’t this a big, bad world for sweet and simple girls, Prachi?

Source: Tellychakkar

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