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Rashmi Desai’s fairy tale


Rashmi Desai’s fairy tale

Though only 20, Rashmi (earlier Divya) Desai has the experience of playing a mother and a wife in Bhojpuri films. Hence it was inevitable that she stepped into the world of age-no-barrier-to any-character of television. Fortunately, the Mumbai girl gets to play her age in her debut show 'Pari Hoon Main'. That’s not all. It’s a double whammy for Rashmi as her debut show sees her playing a double role.

From Bhojpuri films to Pari Hoon Main, the 20-year-old bares it all to Mayur Lookhar.

Q.Firstly, should I refer to you as Rashmi or Divya?

Well, Rashmi is my real name.

Q.Then why Divya?

Since her college days, my mother was keen on having her daughter named Divya. However, when she eventually had one, the family decided on Rashmi. When I joined Bhojpuri films, her wish was granted and I changed my name to Divya. Now, when I joined television, an astrologer told her that Divya is not good for my television career, so I’m back with my original name.

Q.Tell us a little about yourself.(Bold this)

I’m a Gujarati from Mumbai. But I can speak a little bit of Punjabi and Bengali too. My father is a mechanical engineer and mom a teacher. I come from a highly educated family but I didn’t wanted to be like them. So, after doing a diploma in Travel & Tourism, I decided to try my hand at acting. I am trained in classical dancing and so I aspired to be like Saroj Khan. But it was acting that attracted me. Mind you, I’m still 20. I have no Godfather in this industry, thus it makes my short journey all the more sweet.

Q.Can you elaborate on your double role in Pari Hoon Main?

Well, I play Nikki Srivastav and Pari Rai Choudhary. The former is a simply girl, one who is treated like a servant in her house. However, she still dares to dream big and meet the man of her life Rajveer –the biggest actor in tinsel town.

Pari is a stubborn, arrogant and temperamental actress. Their world changes when they swap each other’s roles. Mind you they are just look-alikes but not sisters.

Q.Is it like Chaalbaaz or Kishen Kanhaiyya?

No. I beg to differ. Pari.. is an altogether different concept. Our show reflects the importance of values in life. If you dare to dream then you can achieve anything.

Q.But like Nikki, Sridevi too endured similar oppression in Chaalbaaz.

There is oppression but that’s the not the peg of the story. When Pari steps into Nikki’s world , her motto is not getting back at people who oppressed Nikki. The two girls are in search of happiness. The simple Nikki finds happiness when she steps into tinsel town, while the arrogant Pari finds peace after stepping down from her glossy world.

Q.For a debutant actress, isn’t it difficult to play a double role?

It is difficult as you’re required to switch to two different characters. But taking such challenges enables you to grow as an actor.

Q.Personally, what expectation do you have from this show?

It’s my show so, expectations will be high. However, I do not know my future. For me, the only goal is to be a good actor and better human being.

Q.Tell us about your experience in Bhojpuri films.

I have worked for Bhojpuri films for nearly five years. It’s been a good ride for me. I have played mother, daughter, lover and all sorts of characters. I am called the 'Gaon ki Gori'. I have worked with the big names in Bhojpuri films. In fact one of my films (Kab Hoi Kabna Humaar) has received the national award.

Q.Television is a completely different medium. Do you think you can adapt to it?

I agree that our Bhopjuri films cater to a different audience. Television is a complete new medium to me but I have full confidence in my abilities as an actor and I’m sure I’ll rise to the occasion. Besides, as I said before I have the experience of playing varied roles, so I can enact any role on TV.

Source: Tellychakkar

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