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Braiding it right on 'A Cut Above'

Find out what's next in 'A Cut Above', Where a small task turns out to be an artistic updo and the red carpet look leads to a dramatic elimination

Braiding it right on 'A Cut Above'

With two down, the top 6 contestants brace themselves for an endearing task as the competition intensifies. The upcoming episode of Tresemme presents 'A Cut Above' on Zoom will not only turn the tables but also eliminate the hairstylist who isn’t a cut above the rest.

The day begins with a mini task which is not so "mini" after all. As the Top 6 contestants get ready to give their models an artistic braid in an updo, the real challenge is brought to the fore. The hairstylists’ creativity is put to test with a bouquet of props. The task will only be considered complete with a prop in the braid. Who will braid it right and win the advantage for the eliminations?

After an enriching expert session with mentor Natasha Negamwalla, the elimination task will see the Top 6 sweating it out to get the perfect red carpet look.

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