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'Fashion Drill': Are you click ready?

This week, 'Fashion Drill' contestants step out of their comfort zones for an unusual photo session... find out more!

'Fashion Drill': Are you click ready?

This week the contestants of Zoom 'Fashion Drill – Model of Honor' are in for an unusual reality check. Shaking up the contestants out of their comfort zone is a ramp walk challenge at the open air laundry popularly known as Dhobi Ghat.

It’s not just any ramp-walk as the contestants have to walk the ramp in front of hundreds of passersby while the washer men mind their daily chores.

The task is to maintain ones composure and confidence. To add to this, contestants will also be walking through the drying area of Dhobi Ghat, trying to maneuver their way through the complicated and crisscrossing space between the clothes line and also pose against them at certain cues.

With renowned fashion designer Kallol Datta as the guest judge, contestants will be seen trying their best to learn the tricks of trade while balancing them as they stride in a perfect gait with watchful eyes following their every move.

As the day comes to an end, contestants gear up for the next challenge. A new day brings in yet another drill. Bollywood Magic is what the challenge is called and models get ready in pairs for a photo shoot based on a Bollywood theme.

First task will see the couples recreating an iconic Bollywood poster immortalized by the superstars of Bollywood. In a matter of 30 seconds, the contestants will have to improvise and emote keeping the characters of the film in mind.

This is followed by an innovative task, again testing the contestants on their ability, to emote in front of the camera. Grace is the key attribute that the judges are looking at and each couple gets only 10 clicks to emote on a popular Bollywood track.

Watch all the action unfold this weekend as the contestants gear up for unusual challenges on 'Fashion Drill – Model of Honor'.

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