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Manav Gohil makes a comeback with ‘The Buddy Project’

Manav Gohil has returned to the small screen after a long time and his comeback show ‘The Buddy Project’ is keeping him so busy that he says it's an uphill task to take time out for his family.

Manav Gohil makes a comeback with ‘The Buddy Project’ (© Varinder Chawla)

Settled in life with actress Shweta Kawatra and a daughter, Manav told IANS: "It is a struggle to take out time for my family, but because my wife is also an actress, she understands my schedule. Plus, we make sure to find time. I make sure I take out time for her and my child.”

“Things need to be balanced. This is what marriage is all about,” he added.

Not new to the television, Manav has been a part of popular shows like ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’, ‘Kkusum’ and ‘Saara Aakash’. He is also actively involved in theatre and owns a company that teaches theatre to the corporate world.

Why did you take a break from television?

"Initially, the break was for some other reason. When I wanted to come back, the roles being offered were not fit in terms of age. Some thought I was too young for the character, others thought I am too old or too expensive. The whole thing didn't work out. I was busy doing theatre and I also started my own company, so that took time," he said.

Set in a school, ‘The Buddy Project’ is about life in an academic environment and Manav plays a professor. He says that the show is the best comeback he could have asked for.

"It's been great working on 'The Buddy Project'. It is a daily soap, but is not a regular TV serial. It's youthful, young and the screenplay is powerful. I am working with eight youngsters and I could not have asked for a better comeback than this," he said.

Praising the concept of the show, designed by the Sunshine Production, he added: "The concept was very interesting. It is about one man verses eight brats and how in the quest of changing his student's life, his own life changes."

"The only factor which matters to me is what my character is doing in the story. The significance of my character matters to me the most and then I hope they pay me well to work," he said.

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