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'Master Chef' has given me reasons to be back home: Vikas Khanna

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna talks about his 'MasterChef India' experience and how the show has changed his life for good

'Master Chef' has given me reasons to be back home: Vikas Khanna (© Star Plus)

New Delhi: The TV show MasterChef has shaped up my career differently and has given me enough reasons to be back home, says the host of 'MasterChef India' Season 2 and 3, Vikas Khanna.

"MasterChef has helped to take me to every home in my mother land. I feel privileged and proud to be a part of the revolution it has brought. It has truly opened doors for me giving more reasons to come back home," Vikas told us in an interview.

The Michelin Starred Indian chef, restaurateur and filmmaker is based in New York city and established his Indian food restaurant 'Junoon' in 2005 in Manhattan which became a success there. It was in 2011 that he got to host the 'MasterChef India Season 2' and became a household name in India.

"It's truly a game of destiny where cosmic schedules defined my journey. I was never ambitious to create an Empire, but always thought of doing my best work at every step. Learning to be patient and understanding that it's a small industry and works with very high devotion," he said.

Vikas has also authored more than 20 cook books, each of them targeted at a different audience.

"I write books much in advance and release 3 to 4 books a year. I try to create refreshing, most humbling project than the previous ones. I have a superb team who share the same vision of excellence, it helps us to put project together beautifully," he said.

Talking about his latest book 'Everybody can cook' published by Om Books International Vikas said, "I generally cook with a chef's heart when I write a book. In Everyone Can Cook, I thought as a working home cook, who wanted everything quick and flavourful in less time and less effort.

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