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Taslima Nasreen slams TV serials for 'glorifying submissive women'

Exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen gears up to change the portrayal of women on India television

Taslima Nasreen slams TV serials for 'glorifying submissive women' (© Reuters)

Kolkata: Foraying into television with the Bengali serial 'Dusahobas', based on her story, Taslima Nasreen slammed certain serials for "glorifying submissive women" and not portraying women in strong characters.

She felt the makers of such small screen ventures do not see women as figures of authority and emphasised 'Dusahobas' will portray women in strong roles, fighting against oppression and demanding their rights.

"Some women-based serials portray women being submissive and glorify submissive women. I will not show the women in my serial like that...I will not glorify submissive women," she told the media during a video conference to launch the serial.

"Women are so decked up (in some Hindi and Bengali serials)...the way they are shown to serve their husbands, in-laws as if they are meant to do this.

"I think people, who are misogynist who see women in bad light probably, make these serials. They do not show women as doctors, engineers or majority of Hindi and Bengali serials, women are relegated to the role of housewives," she said.

The celebrated feminist writer rued that audiences are deprived of thought provoking content on the telly.

"I do not agree that one has to make serials according to what's popular with the audience. Why can't you give them the choice of something better? You can influence them and give them something better, which is thought provoking," said the author of controversial book "Lajja".

'Dusahobas' will be screened Monday to Saturday at 10p.m. on Aakash Aath, beginning December 19.

"I hope it will make the audience, including housewives, think. TV shows women being oppressed, but I will tell the tales of brave women who take stands."

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