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Tue, 31 Dec 2013 14:45:00 GMT
Saraswatichandra - Episode 221 & 220

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Episode 221

Bapuji tries to prove Danny's love to Kusum

Dugba performs Danny and Kusum's house welcome ritual. Bapuji informs Kusum about Kumud's decision of not getting married to Saraswatichandra, until she mends her and Danny's relationship. He tries to prove Danny's love to Kusum. Later, Saraswatichandra informs Kumud that Kusum has prepared the sweet dish. He informs Kumud that he is going to Rajkot. Danny asks Kusum to help him in bringing Saraswatichandra and Kumud closer. On Saraswatichandra's insistence, Dugba asks Danny to take the food from Kusum