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Tue, 04 Feb 2014 18:45:00 GMT

Anand rescues Kritika!

Anand and Kritika who were once deeply in love are now straying apart. Things between them had gotten so bad, that even divorce came about as the next step. Anand recently rescued his wife. Does this mean things will become okay between them?

Anand rescues Kritika!

Kritika has been living in the Shergill house, although there were marital problems betweet her husband and herself. Her bond with Zorawar, Amrit and other members of the Shergill family was strong and she is considered to be a daughter in the house. Recently, she had the misfortune to be attacked by some goons. It was Anand who heroically saved her from them.

After this incident, Anand and Kritika spend the night in a nearby lodge. Will Kritika soften towards Anand now that he has saved her life? Will this incident remind Kritika how much Anand loved and cared for her? Where is their relationship headed? Do you think there is any scope of romance rekindling between them?

To find out if things get better between Anand and Kritika, make sure you tune in tonight and every Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on your favourite channel STAR Plus.

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