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Wed, 19 Mar 2014 14:45:00 GMT

Anupama Chopra in conversation with Bollywood Villains

This week 'Star Verdict' invites the deadliest villains of Bollywood.

Anupama Chopra in conversation with Bollywood Villains

They are the most hated. The dirtier the dialogues, the more real they get and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. They lie, cheat, steal and it's their over-the-top dialogues, melodrama and expressions we just love to hate. Don't we?

These are the bad guys of Bollywood. However brilliant he might be, the villain has to be beaten dead by the hero at the end. On this week's 'Star Verdict' Anupama Chopra invites some of Indian film industry's baddies - Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Prakash Raj and Ronit Roy.

We know they don't need any introductions but let's find out what makes them the best baddies of Bollywood.

1. Prem Chopra: "Main woh bala hoon jo sheeshe se pathhar ko tod deta hoon," who can forget this intimidating dialogue which is the trademark of one of Bollywood's biggest baddies. His famous nasty smile and dialogue, "Prem naam hai mera... Prem Chopra" was enough to convey his evil intentions.

2. Gulshan Grover: He is known as Bollywood's bad man because he has played the villain in Hindi films since 1981. His performance was 'bad' with all his on-screen criminal activities like rape, murder, blackmailing, etc.

3. Prakash Raj: He is the new bad man of Bollywood or we can say the most loved villain. He is a bad man but still viewers can't stop loving him. He is one of those rare villains who despite having no lines and dialogues, leaves a remarkable effect on the audiences.

4. Ronit Roy: We guess 'it's time to be bad' because most of the heroes are turning into villains and Ronit Roy is one example. He is the new member in Bollywood Villains' Club. The obsession in his eyes and the lust on his face gave shades of extreme negativity to his character.

Which Bollywood baddie do you love to hate? 

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