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Sat, 03 May 2014 20:30:00 GMT

What happens when Ishq makes you forget your boundaries?

Obsession is often confused to be ishq. However, there is a thin line between obsession and ishq. What happens when one crosses the safe boundaries of love and becomes obsessive in Ishq?

What happens when Ishq makes you forget your boundaries?

Actually, ishq is far from being an obsession. It's pure, harmless and the most wonderful feeling in the world whereas obsession is destructive and its foundation is based on insecurity and fear. So, why do people confuse the two? Tonight's episode of Ishq Kills will keep you wondering.

Aryan is a successful movie star but his personal life has hit rock bottom. Abandoned by his wife, Aryan is lonely and craves for love. Until Aryan meets Urvashi, the young daughter of a business tycoon. Urvashi’s understanding and helpful nature brings Aryan close to her and they soon enter into a relationship. Aryan starts believing in the word 'love' all over again. He finds a true companion in Urvashi. But do you think the picture is as rosy as it appears?

What will happen when Aryan's wife comes back in his life? How will Urvashi cope with it?

To find out, tune into 'Ishq Kills', tonight at 10PM only on STAR Plus.

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