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Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:00:00 GMT

Are girls in India allowed to dream?

It’s one thing for a girl to have dreams and ambitions for herself, but it takes a lot more determination and dedication to do whatever it takes to pursue your dreams. It may not always be as easy for a girl to dream big and actually make them happen, especially in India.

Are girls in India allowed to dream?

If a young girl from a small Indian town wishes to study mechanical engineering from a top notch college, she will most likely face trouble in convincing her parents.

Mechanical engineering till today is considered to be a man’s domain and if a girl wishes to pursue it, she’s perceived by the society as someone who is rather bold, outgoing and not respectful of family traditions.

Girls are not even allowed to choose and decide their own career paths; in fact very often they are not expected to even have a career. Parents want girls to complete basic education and get married.

If a girl even manages to break the initial barriers of family and tradition, and reaches an engineering college, she is made fun of and ridiculed by her male counterparts. Boy’s think of girls as a waste of limited seats in the A grade colleges.

But the question is what are we doing as a society to allow girls the right to dream?

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