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Thu, 31 Oct 2013 17:30:00 GMT

Attraction towards a married person

This may be a common story, getting attracted to an older person, a passing infatuation. But what Natasha was feeling was a little beyond normal.


She had started to fall for her friend’s father, Rajesh. Although she is a brilliant student and comes from a fairly conservative background, her heart takes over her mind and sensibilities and she gets more and more drawn towards Rajesh. Whether Rajesh was actually reciprocating to her feelings or was it just a figment of her imagination can’t be ascertained.

But Natasha let her feelings overflow and took all wrong steps. She found ways to spend more time with Rajesh, sometimes even alone. Under the guise of taking math tuitions from him, she tried to get closer to him. One day, when they were all alone at home, because Tanu was our with friends and her mother was at a party, Rajesh having understood by now that Natasha is interested in him, tried to kiss her and get intimate and his wife caught them. At this moment, Rajesh put the entire blame on Natasha and told his wife and daughter that Natasha was coming onto him.

Tanu blames Natasha for breaking up her family after her mother asks for a divorce. She decides to teach Natasha a lesson along with her friends, without knowing the whole truth. They trick her into drinking something and click her semi-nude pictures and call her the one who sleeps with friend’s fathers and splash these pictures all over media and news. Natasha is left devastated and leaves from home. Trying to save herself, she dials Rajesh’s number and Tanu answers the call, without speaking she listens to Natasha’s side of the story and realises it was not completely her fault but her father was equally involved. This angers Tanu and she feels cheated and stabs her father to death and tells her mother about it. Eventually she gets arrested.

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