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Wed, 06 Nov 2013 18:15:00 GMT

Balancing your act in college

How does it feel when you are having an off phase with your loved ones? When there are unwanted misunderstandings and the feeling of being taken for granted creeps in.

Balancing your act in college

This week on The Buddy Project, a movie director and the dean’s friend visit the college campus to cast a few faces and research for his new film based on “college life”. The word is that he is looking to audition a lot of girls too for the film.

KD sees this as an opportunity to pitch his website idea to the director and gets busy preparing for the same. Unknowingly he neglects Kiya because of the work. Meanwhile Kiya has been frequenting KD’s place to meet his father and younger brother Shub, which makes them a little uncomfortable.

Because of their preoccupations, KD and Kiya have a spat after which Kiya gets really angry. And so when KD sets a meeting with the director to pitch his website idea and decides to promote Kiya’s talent alongside, Kiya does not turn up for the meeting. This disappoints the director and KD loses the opportunity. All the result of a big communication gap between the two.

While Ranveer and Rukmini invite the director to have chat with them on their radio show. While telling them more about his film, he tells them the story of the film which is strikingly similar to Ranveer Rukmini and Panchi’s interpersonal relationships.

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