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Wed, 04 Dec 2013 19:15:00 GMT

Blind trust, friendship and mistakes

Friendship is filled with fun and naughtiness. However, not all pranks go as planned. Sometimes they turn worse and may even result into someone’s death.

Blind trust, friendship and mistakes

This is a story of four best friends – Komal, Pranjal, Pranav and Sudhir.  Sudhir wanted to play a prank on his other three friends with the help of an Ouija board game. He acted as if a spirit is calling onto them, just to create fear in the minds of his other three friends.

After the adventurous trip, they were on their way back to Mumbai, and Sudhir was drunk while driving. Amidst all their fun, they hit and killed a guy on the road and out of the fear of being caught, they escaped from there. Despite Pranjal’s repeated suggestion to call the police, Sudhir feared that he would be sent to jail and thus uses the fact that these friends are ready to die for each other to his advantage. He convinces everyone to committing suicide. Pranjal dies in the attempt and Pranav is killed by Sudhir at the hospital. Komal does not give into the plan, even after repeated attempts by Sudhir. However just a day before Sudhir is going to escape to Australia, Komal comes to know about his plan and kills him, after which she hands over herself to the police.

Karan’s Take:

All four friends were scared and in such situation we start trusting things that don’t exist – i.e. supernatural and paranormal. This can misguide us.

Sudhir knew that his friends trust each other blindly and used that to his advantage to fulfil his own selfish means.

Karan’s Tips:

Pranks can remain harmless if done within limits or else they can cause harm to somebody.

Think again before you have blind faith in anything.

Don’t take authority in your own hands. Share your problems with other’s they can help you find a better solution.

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