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Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:00:00 GMT

Career, relationships & friends!

Kiya decides to take music seriously and starts practicing with her band.

Career, relationships & friends!

In the bargain, she avoids KD and he too tells her to plan her life and not only concentrate on him. So she goes ahead and sends her application to a music university in the U.S.

RV is missing Panchi and ends up blurting her name in front of Rukmani and KD. And so when Panchi returns, they start pulling RV’s leg. RV is excited and happy to see Panchi and doesn’t leave her side while she interacts with others.

On the other hand things are getting baffling when odd things are found scribbled on the scribble wall, gifted by Director Goggy Kohli. Everyone tries to guess who wrote “I’ll be gone soon” on the wall.

KD finds the word ‘Jerk’ written all over his locker, and he thinks it is Kiya’s doing. Kiya decides to not give in and forgives him, but KD refuses to budge

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