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Fri, 17 Jan 2014 21:45:00 GMT

Channelling your anger

Anger is one of many human emotions. By itself, anger is neither positive nor negative, though many of us were taught as children that no good could come of it.

Channelling your anger

Appropriate expression of anger can bring out a positive change in life, moving us out of old and self-defeating ruts. However, understanding more about what it is the reason for the anger and how you can use it towards your own betterment, comes after you have acknowledged that you are in its grip.

Be aware of physical reactions you have towards certain people or situations. Without trying to blame someone else for a feeling that you must own, start to notice the various stages of frustration that you undergo and find ways to calm yourself, distract or re-channel that energy before it becomes overwhelming and makes you act in ways that you will repent about.

Once you are able to acknowledge that you are indeed upset and have begun to manage anger's various stages, you are then capable of being curious about what is generating this response in your life and put this information to good use!

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