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Sun, 22 Dec 2013 23:15:00 GMT

Colour matters

Colour matters in aspects that go beyond fashion and paintings.

Colour matters (© Getty Images)

If you thought that the concept of colour discrimination was history, it is time you think again. A girl born with a dark coloured skin is still considered to be inferior to the one born with a fairer skin.

Neha- an eighteen year old girl is perfect in all ways except for her dusky skin. As compared to her sister her skin is darker, but, she believes that the beauty lies within a person and what is outside is just superficial. However, her pride and self- belief is shattered when she is shunted by her sister, aunt as well college friends. Till she decides to break free from this norm and build back her self-confidence.

Is the colour of the skin the criteria for approval of a person as a friend, relative or loved one? Does their skin colour make them a good or bad person? Or is it what decides the beauty in a person?

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