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Mon, 03 Feb 2014 22:00:00 GMT

Competition, winners and enmity

Sometimes victory comes at a price and your victory might mean a loss for someone else. Everyone does not take loss very positively. Imagine if you really need something but, it doesn’t come to you because of someone else.

Competition, winners and enmity

Sanyukta won the young achievers award. But, her victory came at the cost of damaging her and Randhir’s relationship. The competition has only added fuel to the fire and spiked up the hatred they have for each other.

Meanwhile, Sanyukta has created another enemy in Vidushi who believes that because of Sanyukta she could not win the competition. She has hidden the information about final exams as well and now plans to frame Sanyukta for cheating.

Will Sanyukta overcome the hurdles coming her way? Or will this be the end to her dream?

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