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Sun, 27 Oct 2013 17:15:00 GMT

Confessing love and then denying the same

Unknowingly Sharon hides her true emotions for Swayam in front of their friends.

Confessing love and then denying the same

Before she realises the mistake, it’s already too late. Swayam feels that it’s too late for Sharon to apologise and wants to end their relationship.

Swayam swears that now dance will be his only priority and he will forget everything about Sharon. Swayam feels Sharon’s and his paths are different and Sharon should not expect anything from him. Sharon is shattered to know that after repeated attempts, Swayam is not ready to accept her back in his life. She tries all means to melt his anger, but fails.

Sharon says, “Never hide what you feel about the person otherwise unnecessary misunderstandings are created”, a lesson that she has learnt well.

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