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Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:00:00 GMT

Crazy Stupid Ishq

It is a story about 4 young people chasing love, friendship, career and ambitions. In the confusion of the world and its rat race, the one thing everyone is searching for is IDENTITY.

Crazy Stupid Ishq

A quest that defines what becomes of lives, loves, friendships, loyalties, attractions, commitments, break ups, truths, lies and realizations.

For Anushka Atwal (played by Hiba Nawaab), the quest is for wanting to be somebody, but to not die ordinary and faceless, to make her own unique Identity away from home. For Ayaan Dixit (played by Vishal Vashisth) the quest was for regaining an Identity that was lost by his father, and he wanted it back for his father, denying his own dreams, his own path in the quest.

For Shanaaya Khan, the challenge is to be somebody OTHER than being the daughter of a Superstar, to be someone on her own, be known for herself  and create her own separate identity.

For Ishaan Dixit, the thrill is to have different Identities, to keep up the mystery of his real Identity at any given time. What did he actually do for a living? Did he ever speak the truth or were they all half lies? Who was he really?

It is an urban love story with a strong desi flavor. Pampi (Anushka) and Tullu’s (Ayaan) friendship turned to relationship at a very young age when they exchanged a button and pin and considered themselves engaged to one another. But somehow life never gave them the opportunity to understand that ishq, even until now, simply because Ayaan moved away to Mumbai while Anushka grew up in Sonipat.

Ayaan and Anushka meet after sixteen long years and our story starts when Anushka comes to Mumbai. What follows is the journey of four youngsters. Twists and turns in the life of these youngsters make life a roller coaster ride for them.

Genre: Teen drama


Vishaal  Vashishta (Ayaan)

Hiba Nawaab  (Anushka)

Harsh Rajput  (Ishaan)

Aneri Vajnani  (Shanaaya)

Opening theme: Love, Romance & life of four youngsters.

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