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Wed, 09 Oct 2013 20:30:00 GMT
Crazy Stupid Ishq

Watch Crazy Stupid Ishq on Channel V from Monday to Saturday at 6:30pm

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If we are talking about a big concert, there has to be a financer for the same. But, if that financer misbehaves or tries to take advantage of his position, would it be right to take his help for the concert? That’s what Ayaan did; he tore the contract when Shanaaya complained of sexual harassment from Mr. Kapoor. Only if Ayaan knew this attention gimmick was a part of a bigger game plan against him.

Or when you love somebody, and haven’t confessed it to them, things can get complicated. Ishaan mixes something in Anushka's tea which makes her unconscious. When Ayaan comes to pick up Anushka, Ishaan manipulates the situation in such a manner that Ayaan feels that Anushka slept with Ishaan.

They say seeing is believing, but, is half seen truth, the real truth? Should such misunderstandings leave you disheartened?

Find how what will be Ayaan’s next step on Crazy, Stupid, Ishq.