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Thu, 31 Oct 2013 14:45:00 GMT
Crazy Stupid Ishq

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CSI: Following your dream

We all look to grow in our respective careers. Sometimes work can be demanding specially if you are an artist, and you might get the opportunity to travel to different cities for the same. You would definitely love to explore your skills and talent but, can you leave your dream company for the same. Even if God gifts you with all the name, fame and money, would you still be happy if your love is not there to share all this with you?

Especially someone with whom you have shared your entire life with, wouldn’t life become dry? Sometimes life is not juicy enough to live, but does it mean you give up and leave what you are currently doing? Making the right choices and following your heart, because somewhere something inside you already knows what you want to do or be.

Follow your dream and keep coming back to watch Crazy Stupid Ishq and find out more…