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Wed, 09 Oct 2013 20:45:00 GMT
Dil Dostii Dance

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When it comes to saving your pride, you won’t mind taking up something that you had earlier decided to leave. And, when we are talking about dance, no challenge can stand tall in front of the D3 team.

A difficult situation always brings out the best in people, and the best people have done their best in what they love to do. Yes! Once again the D3 team is back with a bang on the dance floor as they perform against Shivam and his team. When you do what you love doing the most all differences within in the team settle as everyone is happy. When you do something that will make you happy, then all conflicts find the exit door. Only more fun and dance will happen in this jovial atmosphere.

Rey’s quest to bring dance back in the team was successful. Ganpati bappa did listen to him and granted his wish.