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Mon, 30 Sep 2013 15:00:00 GMT

Friends the new Family

Friends in need are friends indeed!

Friends the new Family

When one of us is in trouble, aren’t the first persons that come to mind friends? We know that we can count on them when we’re in trouble, or even if we need the smallest of things. Let’s say, one of you is being stalked. When the stalker finally reveals himself to you, and probably tries to confront you or take advantage of you, who is the one you know will rush to help you? That’s right! You’re closest friends, your buddies!

But when, say, you and your buddy are pitted against each other in competition, what results is not a simple competition itself, but a competitive rivalry. In the middle of all this, our friends are stuck with the decision of whom to support. When such a situation arises, what can they do but either take sides (which obviously they don’t want to), or drop the notion of voting for either of you by supporting a third party.

Format: Teen drama

Starring: Fahad Ali (Keshav "KD" Desai), Bharti Kumar (Kiya Gujral), Kunal Jaisingh (Ranveer Shergill), Palak Jain (Panchi Rastogi), Nikhil Mehta (Pratham Punj aka Piddhi), Manav Gohil (Anirudh Jaitely)

Opening theme: Friends are your new family at college.

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