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Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:30:00 GMT

Friendship, betrayal and forgiveness

Forgiveness is the best policy is something our elders always told us. What they did not tell us is that it is easy to forgive but not forget.

Friendship, betrayal and forgiveness

When the past comes back to bother us, it is not easy to erase what is done and have a new beginning.

The D3 gang is facing similar turmoil with the entry of Kriya Ghai in their life. Rey refuses to acknowledge her presence or dance with her even if Swayam tries to explain to him the reasoning behind it. The rest of the D3 gang follow Rey’s decision.

Kryia’s entry has also created a lot of strain in the relationships for Swayam. Rey feels betrayed that Swayam was always in touch with Kriya and did not let him get a hint of it also, while Sharon’s struggle to win back Swayam’s heart has found another hurdle.

What does the future hold for the D3 gang?

Will they be able to accept Kriya or will this be the beginning of a new war?

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