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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 11:00:00 GMT

Friendship, deceit and revenge

There are chances that the person you consider your friend is the one who stabs you behind your back. Time doesn’t matter, you might know that person for a few days, a few years or all your life, insecurity is a bug that can infect anyone at any point of time. Friendship becomes sour when such insecurities are given priority.

Friendship, deceit and revenge

However, sometimes the steps taken, even though in innocence can cause damages far worse than imagined. It could hurt somebody, and damage their reputation. We have repeatedly read that a small prank or incident gets magnified to such an extent, that the victim has even committed suicide.

What would you do if the very friend you laid your trust in is the one who betrays you? Or causes you public humiliation? You would either cry over it and go into your own cocoon or voice out and take revenge.

Like insecurity, anger and revenge also have their own pitfalls. Anger closes your mind and makes you do things without looking into their consequences. Mahatma Gandhi had once said “An eye for an eye is going to make the world blind” but what he forgot was that sometimes in anger there are situations where the barter is not that straight forward.

Situations do not always go as we plan them but what is in our control is our own mind and stability of thought. Thinking through, can always help you take better decisions.

Karan's Take:

In the moments of our selfishness, we make mistakes because we don’t think, we don’t decide we just act, we get carried away. Aliya’s Insecurities did not let her think about the implications of her actions

Anjum should have controlled her anger and let the moment pass

Love is a pure feeling, do not take someone for granted, and no one should let the other person take them for granted. Santosh should not have been so blind in love to differentiate the right from wrong

Karan’s Tips:

You should make the ones you love, realise about their wrongful act, instead of accompanying them

Consequences of committing an act due to insecurities could be unpleasant

Speak out when the incident is about to happen, so that the consequences can be avoided

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