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Mon, 03 Feb 2014 22:15:00 GMT

Friendship, rescue and trade off

Sometimes you are faced with two very tough choices, and your decision can leave severe implications. While you gain some, you are bound to lose some as well.

Friendship, rescue and trade off

The buddies are on a mission to save Jaitley sir who has been kidnapped in place of Harsh. The kidnappers have told the buddies that if they want to save their teacher they will have to get Harsh in replacement. An exchange has been proposed. They decide to con Harsh into coming to Jaipur with them. On the way to Jaipur they face a lot of other problems as well, from Panchi’s kidnapping to robbers attacking the rest of the gang, while constantly hiding their true reason for travel to Jaipur from Harsh.

Will the buddies be able to save Jaitley sir? Or will they instead choose to fulfil the promise they made to him instead and save Harsh?

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