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Sat, 15 Feb 2014 15:45:00 GMT

Friendship, troubles and rescue

Sometimes when you feel that you have managed to escape all the troubles that could come your way, life manages to prove you wrong.

Friendship, troubles and rescue

The buddies seem to be having a never ending set of problems. When they feel that they have gotten out of one problem or found a perfect solution, another one comes knocking at their doors. They made a perfect plan to save both Jaitley sir as well as Harsh and the plan seemed to be going successfully too. However, the kidnappers became aware and followed the buddies. The buddies are again surrounded by the kidnappers and this time the kidnappers are planning to kill all of them.

However, at the last moment Piddi and Sheeba save the buddies from the kidnappers as well as the fiancé who was after Sheeba with the help of her father.

Is this the end for all the troubles faced by the buddies? Or do new problems await them?

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