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Sat, 30 Nov 2013 17:30:00 GMT

Girls in India - Dreams & Ambitions

It’s the modern age, the 21st Century, women in India are a lot more liberated than they were until a few years back.

Girls in India - Dreams & Ambitions

Women are making it big in every sphere of life, be it sports, entertainment or business. They have made their point clear; they will not be called the weaker sex anymore!

But is this the story of all girls in India?

Probably not for the young dreamy eyed average girls, living in the Indian cities and towns. Their lives are still driven by the wishes and rules of their families. Amidst what their parents wish for them and what the society expects out of them, their own dreams get lost somewhere. They are made to follow traditions, live under the patriarchal dominance and do as their mothers have been doing.

Girls are still expected to get only basic education, get training in household chores, get married early, bear children and provide a comfortable living atmosphere to her family. In such a society, if there was a girl who wished to study medicine or engineering, it would be considered as a joke or may be even blasphemous.

But it is happening nonetheless, and we’ll share one such story with you only on Channel V, at 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday on ‘Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice’!

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