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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 11:00:00 GMT

Have the priorities in love-land changed?

There are many factors that can disrupt your love life - career and friendship seem to always top the list.

Have the priorities in love-land changed?

The excitement of a new career option can sometimes make you blind to the fact that the partner might be left alone or the attention and concern for your friend can cause you to be ignorant to your partners’ problems or even spark jealousy in them.

KD and Kiya’s relationship is facing this problem where Kiya’s excitement towards the opportunity presented in her career unintentionally caused KD to feel ignored.

At the other end the world is not paradise in RV and Rukmini’s relationship with his friendship with Panchi coming in the way. RV cannot seem to get Panchi out of his mind; her problems and her happiness are now the priority for RV even if it means paying a deaf year to whatever his girlfriend has to say. Rukmini on the other hand is trying to hold onto her relationship with RV which seems to be slipping out of her hand because of Panchi.

Meanwhile, Panchi oblivious to all the problems her presence is causing in the love life of her best friend RV is trying to get her life together by finding interest in a new hobby and conducts a workshop for under privileged children with the help of RV and Rukmini.

Are the relationships going to survive this rough patch or find their own new beginning?

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