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Sat, 15 Feb 2014 15:45:00 GMT

Helping a friend out

Sometimes it is important to go out of the way for your loved ones and sacrifice to help them achieve their dreams.

Helping a friend out

That is exactly what the buddies are doing. They are here to help their best friend Piddi in achieving his dream of being in a relationship with Sheeba.

They are fighting against a very strong team of professional Kabadi players and they are out in the field in the hope to defeat them, as this is the condition that has been presented by Sheeba’s father in order to approve their relationship.

Harsh, KD, RV and Piddi are in one team with Piddi as the captain in a match to win Sheeba’s heart where they seem to be no hope of their success.

Will the buddies succeed in help their friend? Or will it be another heart break for Piddi?

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