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Sun, 27 Oct 2013 09:45:00 GMT

Helping your friend at the time of adversity

What if one fine day you wake up to that realise the truth you were living until today, was all a big lie! What if the biggest secret of your life has been hidden by your own parents? And what if you get to know that you were adopted?

Helping your friend at the time of adversity

Anushka is still unaware of the fact that the only reason for her father’s sudden visit, is that it was high time for him to tell her that she was adopted by them long time ago.

Ayaan being her best friend, Anushka’s father decides to confides in him. Ayaan wants to help Anushka’s dad to tell her about the adoption, but finds it difficult to talk to Anushka after the way he had ill-treated her all these days.

He asks Anushka to work with him on a project.

Will this project mend the two broken hearts of childhood friends?

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